So you have been scouring the internet.

Looking at all the different IG accounts.

Deep diving into WHY you have hormone imbalance and exactly HOW you are going to fix it.

Hormones control every single aspect of your metabolic health and life. And no matter what hormone balance supplements, strategies, or tools you implement moving the needle is hard.

Luckily, you can save hours googling because I have got the answer for you.

It’s stress.

Hormones control every single aspect of your metabolic health.

But stress can create a biological HALT in your body. Meaning, that when stress is high in the body (whether you feel it or not) all other functions come to a screeching halt 🛑.

AKA hormone imbalance.

So no matter how much you do for your estrogen dominance…

No matter how much HRT you take…

No matter how many supplements…

If the stress is too high ⬆️, your body does not care. This is problem number one.

Problem number two is that you likely have no idea the extent of your stress.

We live in a world where stress is recommended, where you get a badge of honor for the more stress that you have. And where depriving your body is the status quo.

What this means for YOU is that you are used to going 24/7, over-extending yourself, and not eating enough (even if you feel you are) to get through the day.

This is known to your body as “hidden” causes of stress. They aren’t what you expect to cause stress, but they are absolutely causing the most damage.

These hidden stressors really do the most damage, because your body’s stress center is not designed to withstand long jaunts of stress.

It was designed to be short-lived. To get you to either fight the sabertooth tiger in front of you or run the h*ll away.

But here is what happens…

🍽️ When you put your body in a famine (intentional or not)…

🥗 You do not have the nutrients you need to fuel hormone production and biochemical reactions…

❌ Your hormones become disrupted…

↗️ Cortisol spikes and belly fat is made…

💤 You have trouble sleeping because cortisol spikes…

🥱 You are exhausted and more stressed because you are not sleeping…

↘️ Your body starts to slow down organ function…

You then are running on nearly empty yet you are still trying to get through your WHOLE ENTIRE DAY.

You need to be intentional in trying to break this cycle.

As you can see, with this amount of stress your hormones are not going to fix themselves. You have to be strategic in intervening.

This is how we do that to transform your health:

🍴 Cycle-Synced Reverse Diet & Nutrient Mapping: You need to eat more but you need to introduce food in a way that optimizes hormone production and is NOT stored as fat. When we strategically reintroduce foods and time the nutrients we can turn the alarm off.

📝 Adrenal Revamp: We rebuild adrenal function by prioritizing mindful stress management. This does not mean more yoga, but it means taking habits that we know work and making them work for you! This is how we add habits that boost function without adding stress.

🏋️‍♀️ Cycle-Synced Strength Training: Lifting weights LOWERS cortisol and stress. But it has to be strategic. The perfectly timed intensities matching with it working for your schedule and equipment is how we add this into your routine without adding stress.

This is just part of everything we cover in 1:1 coaching. It is how you go from exhausted 😪 and PMS to feeling great 😁 and enjoying each and every day.

With the holidays coming around the corner, unless you take action to support your hormones, the stress might only make things worse.

To lock in your spot, be sure to jump on the waitlist. Waitlist gets first priority. Apply here!

If you want a self-led approach, in-depth coaching modules, and everything you need to start cycle-syncing your life, check out my Cycle-Syncing Framework E-Course.

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