Tori Lost 8% Body Fat & Ditched PMS Without Dieting Or Birth Control

Want to learn the exact strategies used to help Tori take control of her periods and get the results of her dreams?

Tori's Story

Tori came to me when she was finishing her last year of school for her teaching credentials. She was frustrated with how she felt, tired of trying different birth controls, and felt ignored by her doctors. Her anxiety and PMS symptoms were getting in the way of her goals and she was ready to try something different. Most importantly, she wanted to do it without medication or birth control.

Before We Started Working Together, Tori...

Had terrible periods and PMS even though she was on birth control it seemed to make it worse.

Struggled with anxiety and anxiety attacks that impacted her work, school, and relationships.

Was always tired no matter what she did or tried.

Did not want to get on birth control or anxiety medications, but was told this was her only option.

Ready For Answers?

What Was The Struggle We Encountered?

Tori was struggling daily with anxiety that was impacting the quality of that life.

Her anxiety was exacerbated by the fact that she was not eating enough. However, she worried that if she started to eat more she would gain weight.

She felt stuck and out of options. She wanted to feel better, but was nervous about exactly how to take that step.

How we helped

Improving Gut Health Is Key To Ditching Anxiety & PMS For Good.

By improving gut health we double whammy supported Tori’s goal as her body was able to filter out excess estrogen that exacerbated PMS & increased anxiety.

Gut health was our priority...

Tori Is Now PMS & Birth Control Free!

After just two months of working together Tori’s was able to ditch birth control, PMS, and her anxiety for good! Better yet, we slowly worked to increase how
much she was eating to fuel metabolic and hormone function and drop 8% body fat!

“Through eating in support of my hormones, I felt confident enough to get off hormonal birth control. The biggest improvement was getting off of that seamlessly after working with Tasha and Curtis for a year. My hormonal acne has lessened exponentially. I no longer bloat the way I used to from constipation. My constipation has disappeared through better diet choices and gut biome repair through tools I learned from Tasha. I have SO much more energy, while listening to my body throughout its phase changes. My hormonal headaches are non-existent. My hair has thickened and grows like crazy now. My aesthetics of my body have completely transformed. I have never felt so confident with building muscle in my body and seeing it change over the last year and a half working with Tasha and Curtis.” – Tori S.

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