It’s not just about the weight loss, you are ready to feel confident this summer and finally comfortable in your skin.

🏖️ You are ready to book the spring break vacation and know that you are going to feel good every single day.

⚖️ You want to do this the right way so that you get results that last and in a way where you still enjoy life and balance.

So you google “best diets for weight loss” and you are filled with immediate dread.

“Fasting is the best way to drop pounds.”

“Avoid carbs and cut calories.”

“No processed foods or any FODMAPS, nightshades, grains, etc.”

Is restriction the only way to lose weight?

No, in fact, restriction is a sure-fire way for you to destroy your hormones and relationship with food. If you are trying to lose weight this year, restriction is not the answer.

So take a breath. Because it is possible for you to get the transformation of your dreams without compromising what you love. So yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

The reason restriction does not work is that it deprives what your body needs for optimal function.

Meaning, that when you undereat or when you cut off key nutrient groups that your body needs for optimal function it creates a biological halt in your system.

Deprivation Disrupts Weight Loss

Nutrition is the science of nourishing your body to sustain life. When your body is deprived of the key energy that it needs to keep systems functioning…

And when it is missing key nutrients necessary to fuel hormone production pathways…

It creates a biological halt.

As a result, stress increases in the body and cortisol is a conservation hormone. Cortisol sounds the alarm and turns on inflammation and fat storage.

And the more that you diet, the more you restrict, the more you try to force your body into submission for weight loss, the more cortisol that is produced. So the more weight you gain.

You Can’t Lose Weight if Cortisol is Through the Roof

Here is how it happens…

When cortisol is high it sends your body on a blood sugar roller coaster. Your blood sugar will temporarily spike by releasing stored glucose to make sure you can “survive the stressor”. But stress is always high, it is always doing this. This spike is followed by an immediate blood sugar crash which tells you that you NEED fuel fast (cue cravings for sugar, salty, sweet). Insulin is released in response to this to try to reallocate that sugar properly.

To protect your body, cortisol also spikes inflammation. Inflammation impairs the body’s ability to process insulin, which leads to higher glucose levels and liver fat accumulation, which further impairs insulin processing. This, of course, can lead to more weight gain, which in turn leads to further insulin resistance, and on and on it goes.

As a protective measure, your cortisol also stores anything and everything as fat to make sure there are energy reserves to constantly pull from. So anything in “excess” of your energy needs is stored immediately as fat. Leptin is released as fat stores are increased to tell your body that it is “good and doesn’t need more food or fat”. But cortisol overrides leptin. So even if leptin is being pumped out, your body does not respond leading to leptin resistance. As a result, you lose your ability to curb the craving and binge eating but you are no longer responsive to leptin.

The Worst Diest for Weight Loss Are…

The ones that focus on deprivation and restriction which compromise hormone production. So if you are sitting here thinking…all the diets I know promote this then you’re getting it.

Diets DON’T work for weight loss. Especially for women. Period.

⌛ Intermittent Fasting studies have shown that prolonged fasting mixed with most women not eating enough food to fuel optimal function has severe impacts on ovulation and stress response.

🥖 Low-carb diets compromise thyroid hormone production (metabolism), estrogen balance, and blood sugar/insulin function all of which lead to increased weight gain.

❌ Restricting “inflammatory” foods like FODMAPS, nightshades, grains, etc. leads to huge nutrient gaps necessary to regulate hormone production, and as a result, it leads to increased stress and disrupted ovulation.

Restriction doesn’t work and there IS a better way!

The BEST Way to Lose Weight & Balance Hormones

Is to make sure you are nourishing your body and eating enough to fuel hormone balance. When your body has the fuel that it needs to sustain life and keep you safe, everything else falls into place.

A Cycle-Synced Reverse Diet is how you rebuild your metabolic function and ensure that your body has the exact nutrients and support that it needs for effortless weight loss.

There are two components here:

  1. We have to make sure that you are eating enough food to sustain optimal function. However, if you introduce food too quickly back into your diet, your body will reflect it and keep storing it as fat. Moving through progressions to go from your Current Metabolic Threshold (CMT) to your Optimal Basal Intake (OBI) is how we transform your metabolic function and body.
  2. You have different metabolic capacities and nutrient needs at different times of your cycle which means that you need to adapt the kind of food that you eat and your total energy intake to match your hormonal needs! This is how you ensure your metabolic function and hormone production are top-notch.

Balance Hormones to Drop Inches

It might seem so simple – but sometimes the simple answer is the best.

When you learn how to actually nourish your body and focus on giving it what it needs, everything else in your health falls into place. And you still get to enjoy life and everything that comes with it!

✅ You lose weight effortlessly because stress is not holding it back.

✅ Your energy skyrockets because you have fuel to get through the day.

✅ You find you are happier in your life because you actually feel good.

✅ You have the confidence to chase your dreams because you have the energy to do so.

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Tasha is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, B.S. and Founder of Happy Hormone Health. She has coached 2000 women in reclaiming their energy, living symptom-free and transforming their health through hormone balance nutrition. Start your hormone balance journey with her free masterclass.

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