Being someone who has struggled with estrogen dominance for YEARS, I finally understand the frustration it brings.

👎 Weight gain in the hips that makes the cute biker shorts and t-shirt look uncomfortable to rock.

👎 Heavy, HEAVY periods that leave you bleeding through all your pajamas.

👎 Weight gain in the arms that makes summer tank tops your least favorite look.

👎 OH and don’t forget the PAINFUL cramps that debilitate you for at least 2 days.

Most women struggle with estrogen dominance. So much to the point that these symptoms have been normalized.

But not most women overcome it.

Even with hormone imbalance and cycle-syncing being the hot topic of social media.

Now why is that? Two main reasons.

The first is that most of the “advice” out there is surface level. There are tips on how to balance estrogen, but they do not get to the ROOT of it. Meaning that these tips act as band-aid solutions just like taking ibuprofen or birth control.

The second is that subconsciously and deeply ingrained habits and beliefs you have in your life and around health and fitness perpetuate it.

I have supported thousands of women in overcoming estrogen dominance and staying that way. And as someone who personally struggled with it, I know the frustration, but exactly what it takes to get to the other side of it.

Estrogen dominance stems from disruption in your systems. Not necessarily an overproduction of estrogen, but inactive estrogen remaining in your system and just accumulating. And once this accumulation starts, it is hard to end.

So if your estrogen filtration systems and storage systems are disrupted or not firing to par, then you will consistently struggle with the accumulation.

Adrenals: If you are chronically stressed 😩 (likely less from life and more from the wrong energy distribution and accidental undereating) this leads to a halt in ovulation and progesterone production. Making you naturally estrogen-dominant. But remember, stress creates a biological halt, so when stress is high all other actions halt too. AKA estrogen filtration.

Gut: Gut disruption is a HUGE factor but just eating fermented foods is not going to cut it. If you have a leaky gut as a result of chronic inflammation or eating inflammatory foods, no amount of quick tips for estrogen dominance are going to work. You need to identify the foods that trigger that inflammation and then strategically remove and reintroduce them to allow for your gut lining to heal. SPOILER ALERT: Your most “inflammatory for you” foods are often foods you consume on the daily, things like chicken 🍗, eggs 🥚, nuts/seeds 🥜, and even fruit 🍎 can do this.

Liver: Your liver is responsible for tagging inactive estrogen and filtering it out. But if your liver is overworking trying to remove the toxin burden, it cannot fathom dealing with estrogen. Here’s the catch, if that stress is high ⬆️ your liver becomes inflamed and estrogen filtration halts ❌. So sure, bitter herbs help, but if you are not addressing the chronic inflammation in the body it will only go so far.

Body Composition: Fat stores inactive estrogen and makes its own estrogen. So when there are high levels of estrogen, this tells your body to make more fat. And if your body is stressed, making fat is even easier. Then that fat makes MORE estrogen, which means it needs more fat to store it. Yet, if you keep adding in more cardio, and HIIT workouts, this adds more stress (even though they were praised for burning fat). The only way to decrease fat ⬇️ is to BUILD lean mass 💪. And the best way to do this is through cycle-synced strength training.

That final piece – is changing your habits and approach to health.

As you can see, many of the “healthy” habits to lose weight, like eating the same food and energy, cutting calories, and more cardio for fat burn – all perpetuate that estrogen dominance cycle.

So if you embark on this journey, don’t see results, and then start to revert back to “old patterns” it only makes it worse and worse.

We need to break this cycle. Which means we HAVE to do things differently.

We have to get strategic in healing systems.

But more importantly, not changing your habits and mindset around fitness and nutrition keeps you stuck in this cycle.

And honestly, this is why most programs fall flat. They give you tools but ZERO support in changing your mindset, addressing self-limiting beliefs, and providing you support on how to successfully navigate change during stressful times.

You need a program designed for you and with the support from experts to streamline you to success.

This is why 90% of my clients see outstanding results like:

⚡ 0.5-1 inch lost

⚡ Weight loss of 3-7 lbs.

⚡ Lighter more manageable periods

IN A SINGLE MONTH 😱. And why most of my clients WANT to stay with me for 3+ months. Because they see insane results, but more importantly customized tools and coaching support to help them navigate the highs and lows in life to see continued success.

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