There is literally nothing more annoying than when you finally get the courage (or time) to go to the doctor, super hopeful that you will finally get the resolution you are looking for, and you rush to the lab to get all the bloodwork they ordered finished so you can finally start feeling better – only to find out that…

🧑‍⚕️ everything is “within range” and appears “normal”

Why is it that you are struggling with symptoms, yet every single time you go to the doctor they say everything is “within range” or normal?

You are not alone in this. 62% of laboratory tests and 36% of imaging tests are overlooked by care providers. That is insane.

I am about to blow your mind with the WHY. And I am going to tell you exactly how to move forward so you can start feeling your absolute best.

Clinical Reference Ranges OPTIMAL HEALTH

They are two VERY different things.

A reference range is a set of values that includes the upper and lower limits of a lab test based on a group of otherwise healthy people. The values in between those limits may depend on such factors as age, sex, and specimen type (blood, urine, spinal fluid, etc.) and can also be influenced by circumstantial situations such as fasting and exercise. These intervals are thought of as “normal ranges or limits”.

In today’s medicine and healthcare field, clinical reference ranges that are used to interpret bloodwork are based on the need for pharmaceutical or surgical intervention.

Meaning that if you fall out of range, you typically either need some type of medicine or surgery to support the issue.

Peeling that back even more, it means that you likely already have the disease or issue, so they are reacting to it. It is not proactive in the slightest. By the time you are at this level, it is more about maintenance and slowing disease progression, rather than prevention.

So how are these reference ranges set? The short answer to this question is by testing a large number of people who have key similarities and observing what appears to be “typical” for them. They are devised by collecting results from a large population and determining from the data an expected average (mean) result and expected differences from that average (standard deviation).


…most of today’s population is struggling with at least one (if not more) chronic conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, so these ranges are skewed and changing as the health of our population changes.

So as the population develops more diseases, more obesity, more hormone and system disruption, those ranges change. And your needs can get lost in the cracks.

Some common issues we see with clinical reference range determination:

  • Statistical variability: It is common practice for reference ranges to cover 95% of results for a healthy population. Statistically speaking, that means 5% of people in that same population will have results that fall outside the limits.
  • Biological variability: If your provider runs the same test on you on several different occasions, there’s a good chance that at least one of those times the results will fall outside the reference range even though you are in good health. Your body is always changing. Your age, diet, hormonal cycles, physical activity level, alcohol intake, and even a change of season can cause alterations in your body chemistry that will show up on a test result.
  • Individual variability: Reference ranges are usually established by collecting results from a large population and determining from the data an expected average (mean) result and expected difference from that average (standard deviation). There are individuals who are healthy but whose test results, which are typical for them, do not always fall within the expected range of the overall population.

Again, these tests are also based on population averages. You are not the population, you are not any other person. You are unique.

The biggest flaw with these ranges = BIO-INDIVIDUALITY

Bio-individuality means there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that each person has unique nutrition and medical needs to support their body in accomplishing its best health.

We are all unique in our biological makeup and requirements. You are UNIQUE. And you have your own specific nutritive and health needs, as well as routines, practices, and preferences that work for them. Your medical history, environment, how you were raised, and your genetic coding all impact how your body responds and what it needs for optimal health.

So utilizing a reference range that was not necessarily designed for you in isolation is not a comprehensive approach to your health and wellness.

To get to the root of your symptoms and kiss them goodbye once and for all, we need to understand what is happening in your body and see how it responds.

Your symptoms are immediate bio-feedback from your body telling us what is happening at that very moment. This coupled with symptom patterns, timing, lifestyle, medical history, AND bloodwork paints a picture of exactly what is happening and how we can support it.

This is the focus of integrative nutrition and fitness. Rather than accepting numbers at face value, we look at everything and we evaluate you as a unique individual in conjunction with your bloodwork to create a customized plan to address your unique needs.

When we do this, not only is it more effective because it is targeting your body’s needs, but it is also realistic and attainable because it accounts for your everyday life.

So where should you start?

If you are going to get bloodwork, make it comprehensive. I always tell my clients to request their full annual bloodwork and in addition, try to get hormone levels and a full thyroid panel done. If your doctor (or insurance) does not cover the extras, I recommend the Everlywell Women’s Test. Use code TASHA25 to save!

Your symptoms are immediate biofeedback that your body provides you with on a regular basis. So we can use your symptom patterns to decode what is happening in your body and exactly how to support!

Take my free hormone assessment to understand what your symptoms are telling you and to get a customized blueprint with strategies to start supporting.

If you are ready for real change and want to dive head first into success, book a discovery call 📞 to start your journey and get connected to the best program for you!

If you have questions, be sure to share them below or reach out to me personally!


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