I will never forget my first workout, it was so exciting.

The energy, the endorphin rush, the euphoric feeling I had that I could do ANYTHING. And the rest of my day was amazing because of it.

I had more energy, I ate better. I felt confident. I was happy.

I felt on top of the world and most of all – inspired to make sure I felt this way every single day.

So as the days and weeks passed – I couldn’t keep up.

I was crushed when my energy was not there, when I wasn’t as inspired the next day when I ended up not eating as “perfect” as yesterday.

Why couldn’t I be as motivated, efficient, and inspired as the days before? What was I doing wrong?

Because according to every health blog, magazine, nutrition and fitness expert out there – I should be showing up consistently, putting the work in, and the results would come.

But BOY how wrong is this.

The #1 Myth…

Traditional diet, fitness, and health culture preaches consistency and the idea that you need to perform the same, eat the same, have the same energy, the same productivity day in and out.

This will never work for women. Why? One simple, yet life-changing fact, this is not how the female hormone cycle works.

Traditional diet, exercise, work days, and productivity standards were based on the male hormone cycle, which is 24 hours long.

The female hormone cycle is 28 days long, which means that your hormones fluctuate across weeks. So you cannot eat the same things or have the same productivity across the weeks because your hormone profile is vastly different from week to week.

And trying to fit into this mold of “perfection and consistency” is literally breaking you and destroying your hormones.

Not to mention the pressure that you put on yourself to be “perfect” which is ultimately followed by you feeling discouraged and disappointed in yourself because you can’t “stay motivated”.

Enough is enough.

Hormones are KEY.

Every aspect of the metabolism is regulated by hormones. So, when it comes to weight, if your hormones are out of balance, losing weight will be a struggle even with traditional diet plans and exercise. Until you balance your hormones and manage your stress, you will have problems with stubborn weight, mood, sleep, energy, and a host of other frustrating symptoms.

It’s time to flip the narrative with cycle-synced nutrition and strength training.

When you adapt how you eat, how you workout, your workout intensity, your productivity, and even how you socialize to match your hormonal needs you reclaim your energy, manage your weight effortlessly, ditch symptoms, and gain confidence to take on your day.

And lucky for you, I am detailing exactly how you can kick-start this process to feel your absolute best in 2024.

Cycle-Syncing 101

This is my no-fluff, quick and effective, step-by-step guide to kick-starting your cycle-syncing journey.

When you follow these principles you will see that…

↗️ In 1 week you have more energy and feel lighter

↘️ In 2 weeks you will not be as bloated and your skin will clear

🩸 In 4 weeks you will have a pain-free and easy period and your body will change

😃 In 6 weeks your body transformation will be noticeable

❓ In 8 weeks people will be asking you how you did it

Follicular Phase: Days 1-6

The follicular phase starts right after your period is over and is the start of a new cycle! Think of it as your spring. As your estrogen rises, so does your energy, mood, your creativity, and your desire to take on the day.

Ovulatory Phase: Days 7-15

During this time your estrogen and testosterone peak to kick-start ovulation. Think of this as your summer because you are feeling hot and heavy, sexy, confident, and social. Your energy should be the highest during this phase.

Luteal Phase: Days 15-28

In the luteal phase, progesterone and estrogen are high to prepare your body for potential conception. Think of this as your fall. While your metabolic rate is higher, your body is in “conservation mode” to ensure you have all the energy you need for a baby (whether you are trying or not). Energy is naturally more reserved and your body needs more rest to help prep.

Menstrual Phase: Days 27-31

In the menstrual phase, all hormones have dropped to shed the uterine lining and reset for your next phase. This is like your winter. Metabolic rate is high to help your body reset and your energy is naturally lower to allow space for rest and healing.

Unlock your BEST self

When you live in alignment with your needs each day, you don’t fight your natural rhythm. This is how you go from…

⚡ Burn out to taking on your day

⚡ Exhausted to energized to chase the big dreams

⚡ Struggling with PMS to feeling amazing all month long

⚡ Stuck in a plateau to maintaining a healthy weight effortlessly!

Most importantly, you feel inspired and excited to take on your day because you can do it in a way that HONORS your needs.

Reclaim your energy, ditch symptoms, and gain CONFIDENCE!

Become an expert at addressing hormone imbalances by learning to eat, exercise, work, and socialize IN ALIGNMENT with hormonal fluctuations with The Happy Hormones Blueprint.

This in-depth guidebook walks you step-by-step through how you cycle-sync your life to reclaim your energy, ditch PMS, and feel good all month long!

If you are ready for real change and want to dive head first into success, book a discovery call 📞 to start your journey and get connected to the best program for you!

To dive right into your hormone balance journey with tailored guidance and support every step of the way, apply for our Hormone Balance Coaching Programs. With a path for every single person, you get the personalized support you need to transform your life and health.

Tasha is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, B.S. and Founder of Happy Hormone Health. She has coached 2000 women in reclaiming their energy, living symptom-free and transforming their health through hormone balance nutrition. Start your hormone balance journey with her free masterclass.

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