As your hormone balance bestie, the last thing I want for you is stress getting in the way of your results.

Stress is the NUMBER ONE cause of hormone imbalance, weight gain, fatigue, bloating – YUP all of it.

You can be doing ALL the right things in the world…eating whole foods, working out, practicing meditation, avoiding processed foods, taking supplements…

But if you are stressed NONE of that matters. High cortisol and stress create a BIOLOGICAL HALT 🛑 in the body.

So all non-essential functions (like fat loss, optimal hormone production, and fertility) get brushed off because your body is just trying to survive!

So in the end, you get frustrated because you feel like you are waiting in the never-ending line at Disneyland and every time you think you get to the finish line, you enter a new line (which just so you know, is my personal definition of hell).

Addressing your stress is the number 1 priority when it comes to balancing hormones, reclaiming your energy, and crushing your weight loss/aesthetic goal.

So in order to kick stress’ a** (as promised) you need to focus on the three main causes of chronic stress:

Under Eating 🍽️:

99% of women under-eat (whether intentional or not). Thanks to diet culture, we somehow all believe that as grown women we need to eat 1200 calories a day AND still be superwomen, get everything done, get to the gym, take care of the kids, crush it at work, AND have energy for self-care.

Sorry, this cannot happen (and will not happen) if you are not eating enough to fuel your every day.

The best way to start fixing this is by eating every 2-3 hours. EVEN if you are not hungry. Just introducing food can help to rebuild metabolic function.

Overtraining 🏋️‍♀️:

Okay – here is a plot twist for you. Overtraining is NOT JUST doing HIIT cardio 24/7. In fact, most people overtrain by UNDER-TRAINING too much.

Yeah, so if you are going in and lifting the same weights, at the same rep range, or doing the same intensity cardio over and over again – that is overtraining.

Get more effective with your workouts. This means doing less but getting MORE from them. I recommend 2x a week strength training and matching the intensity to your hormonal phases.

Follicular – Ovulatory calls for low reps and high strength.

Luteal calls for moderate reps and strength.

Menstrual calls for high reps and low weights or rest entirely.

Inflammation 😨:

Chronic inflammation is destructive and causes the “puffy” bloated feeling we all love so much. If you go on social media you will read you need to cut ALL inflammatory foods. But that is bogus.

Because even healthy foods can be inflammatory for you! Yeah, so chicken, broccoli, all that can be causing inflammation in your body because of over-exposure.

The best way to reduce inflammation is by identifying your inflammatory agents (I recommend a food sensitivity test here) and by adding IN an inflammatory protocol to your diet.

When you address the stress in your body and learn to control it – you take BACK control of your health.

And with the holidays (and all the stress that comes with it) hit, you can either be a master of your stress and recovery…

Or be wondering what the hell happened and making a new resolution come January 1.

Now how long does this process take?

On your own, a while. In fact, the honest truth is you might never get there alone because you aren’t getting the support and guidance you need. Not to mention, it is easy to jump ship to the newest trend when you “think” progress isn’t happening.

But with support? You can see a transformation in as little as 1 week like my clients here!

Why? Because they are getting the tailored support and interventions to ensure success.

More importantly, they are getting my expert support to give them the support they need when they feel discouraged, to keep them away from trends that cause more stress, and to adapt based on their unique life needs.

The process is designed for them, so it WORKS.

I only have 3 spots open for new clients in October, so the time is now.

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