From Struggling With PCOS To Losing 10lbs In Just 1 Month

Sara's Story

When Sara started 1:1 Hormone Balance Coaching she was a busy mother, working full-time and struggling with her PCOS
diagnosis. She was rapidly gaining weight, exhausted, and felt unsupported by her doctors. She was told her only option was hormonal birth control and Metformin to manage her symptoms.

Before We Started Working Together, Sara...

Gained over 50lbs in three months even though she was dieting and working out.

Had high fasting blood sugar and HA1C. She was told she needed Metformin.

Tried every single diet under the sun, cut out carbs, and was confused on how to eat to get results.

Had elevated testosterone levels and irregular cycles. She was told she needed birth control to manage PCOS.

She Needed Answers

Rapid Weight Gain & Missing Cycles

Sara was worried because she was gaining weight rapidly and her cycle was missing for over 3 months.

Her doctors told her in order to manage PCOS she needed to "lose weight" but no matter what she tried she kept gaining.

By the time we started coaching, she was eating fewer than 1500 calories and still gaining. She was confused on what and how to eat to get results and knew the stress of it all was disrupting her cycle.

How we helped

We Needed A Strategy

Contrary to what doctors told her, we flipped the narrative and created a program that incorporated balanced carbs, along with protein and fat to improve her insulin reactivity and reduce her PCOS symptoms. Our focus was to reintroduce nutrients strategically so her body relearned how to use fuel efficiently.

Our Results Driven Strategy

Sara Reversed Her PCOS & Ditched Symptoms!

In just one month, Sara lost 10 lbs by eating more food than she had in years! With consistency, she successfully lowered her fasting blood glucose, HgA1c
levels, improved testosterone, and reversed her PCOS without using medication such as hormonal birth control or Metformin. She now has the energy to be
present with her daughter and symptoms no longer control her life.

I cannot believe how much my body has shifted since starting this program. I was told for the longest time that my only option was birth control and metformin to manage my PCOS. I was exhausted and felt hopeless. I am still amazed at how much has changed since shifting my nutrition and starting coaching. I am down 10lbs, I have the energy to be with my daughter, and my symptoms are not debilitating. Plus, my cycle went down from 40 days to 30 consistently. So thankful for this process!

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