Module 5: The Fitness Formula

Workouts should not take all of your time and energy. In this module, we give you the exact tools you need to design a results-driven workout routine that is feasible and successful.  

Lesson 1:

What the H*ll is Exercise, how do you know if you are on track, and how do you learn to love it? These are the questions we will answer so that you know exactly how to move to get results.

Lesson 2:

Resistance Training for Results shows the true power of resistance training for hormone health. If you truly want to transform your body and hormones, you need to know how to make resistance training work for you.

Lesson 3:

Cycle-Synced Workout Principles teaches you how to design and create a perfectly curated program that not only matches your hormonal needs, heals your body, but delivers remarkable results without consuming all of your time and energy.

Lesson 4:

In the Results Orientation you walk away knowing exactly how many days you need to work out, how to make it work for your schedule, and how to optimize your routine.


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