Module 4: The Stress Symposium

Chronic stress is the ultimate destroyer of your health and results. Learn how to manage stress and heal adrenal fatigue so you can take control of your health. 

Lesson 1:

In Decode the Stress we dive deep into the types of stress that are influencing your health and results as well as how to identify your core stressors to take action.

Lesson 2:

Stress addiction is real and must be addressed in order to get life-changing results. Breaking the Stress Cycle highlights the interconnectivity of how stress impacts all aspects of your health and results and gives you targeted habits to address the stressors in your life. Learn how to simplify your life and wellness so you can harness your results.

Lesson 3:

A good night’s rest is foundational to healing and in Maximize Your Sleep you’ll create a failproof sleep routine to improve the quality of your rest. This is how you wake up energized each day!


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