Module 3: Gut Health

Bloating, discomfort, and nausea are not normal. In this module, you will learn how to heal your gut and identify foods that are inflammatory for you. We give you the exact strategies to kick discomfort, skin troubles, and food fear to the curb. 

Lesson 1:

Your Digestion Assessment is the first step to healing your gut. By understanding your symptom patterns and the root cause of your disruption, you will create a structured plan to support.

Lesson 2:

Biohack the Biome makes you the expert at understanding what influences gut health and gives you the exact strategies you need to address your unique gut symptoms.

Lesson 3:

The IFY Method is my core method for success. In this lesson you will master how to identify inflammatory for you (IFY) foods.

Lesson 4:

The Elimination Implementation includes proven strategies to develop your customized elimination diet that will expedite your gut healing. Get strategic so you can live in balance and still enjoy life.

Lesson 5:

Hidden Gut Disruptors shows you the hidden factors that impact gut health outside of diet and provides you with easy to implement strategies to apply to your routine.


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