Module 2: Metabolic Rehab

Under-eating is the number one cause of weight gain and hormone imbalance. This module is designed to boost metabolic function and help you burn more fat by strategically eat more food (talk about a win-win). 

Lesson 1:

Metabolic Red Flags is an in-depth assessment of your current metabolic status and the root causes of your metabolic distress. This is crucial if you want to boost function to burn fat 24/7.

Lesson 2:

Metabolic Rehab 101 provides you with my PROVEN step-by-step process in developing and implementing a successful reverse diet. You will understand exactly how to eat more, feel amazing, without worrying about gaining weight.

Lesson 3:

The Food Foundation Formula teaches you how to adapt your energy and food intake to match your metabolic and hormonal needs. This is the secret formula to burning fat all month long.

Lesson 4:

The PMTT Method gives you the exact tools you need to master staying on track with your diet and to ensure you do it seamlessly!

Lesson 5:

The Diet Culture Detox is the exact reset you need to ditch dieting and food guilt once and for all. This lesson teaches you exactly how to live life balanced so that you can enjoy the best parts of life and food without compromising your goals (or sanity).


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