Module 1: Cycle-Syncing Framework

Period symptoms are not normal, they are a sign of imbalance. This module is designed to uncover the root cause of your symptoms and give you tailored strategies to balance hormones and ditch symptoms once and for all. 

Lesson 1:

Cycle Mastery details the ins and outs of your cycle from the get go. This level of mastery ensures you have the foundation to become symptom-free without getting distracted by diet culture gimmicks.

Lesson 2:

Your Hormone Imbalance Identification Cheat Sheet. Clearly establish your current hormonal state and understand the root causes behind your hormone disruption.

Lesson 3:

The Fail-Proof Cycle-Syncing Framework that teaches you how to successfully utilize nutrition, fitness, and calendar planning to live in alignment with hormonal needs. This is the secret formula to living symptom-free and energized all month long.

Lesson 4:

My Proven Real World Balance Strategies give you the tools to live in the real world (and yes I mean eat, drink, go out, have fun) while keeping hormones in check. No more sacrifice and restriction, learn to live aligned in all aspects of life.

Lesson 5:

Avoiding Hormone Landmines shows the three major hormone disruptors and how to successfully avoid them without hyper focusing on the wrong strategies.

Lesson 6:

The best way to live symptom-free is to assess your monthly cycle, but it's not just about looking at your period or weight loss. I'll show you what to do instead - and ensure you are hitting the bullseye with your cycle-syncing habits.


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