Are you feeling stuck on what you should do to actually lose weight? I remember being so frustrated when I gained 30 lbs. in a year.

I was doing is all “right”, I:

🥗 Ate healthy and clean food.

💪 Worked out 5-6x a week.

🏃‍♀️ Mixed up between lifting weights and doing cardio.

💊 Was taking supplements and following all the trends.

And yet I still struggled with symptoms that seemed to control my life. From anxiety to exhaustion. It seemed difficult just to make it through the day and I was starting to lose hope that I would ever feel good or “normal” again.

Can you relate?

Looking back now, I made a lot of accidental mistakes.

The problem that I accidentally made (that you might be making too) is not fully understanding what your body needs to heal. Diet culture pushes you to believe that you need to continually pursue weight loss and that if you are not losing weight you need to try harder.

And traditional health care support and practices often miss our symptoms because they do not fall within their diagnosis ranges. So you are left struggling with symptoms even though your bloodwork is “normal”.

Meaning that you are stuck in a state of constant deprivation that is likely causing more system and hormone disruption leading to symptoms that impact the quality of your life and promote fat conservation as a protective measure.

There is hope though!

This is exactly what I would focus on if…

I was to restart my weight loss journey to lose 50 lbs. in a year. In fact, this IS what I focused on to get these results and they are the same strategies that I have used to coach 2000 other women.

🧪 I tested my hormone levels and cortisol levels and interpreted them for OPTIMAL health – not clinical reference ranges. I would not settle for “your numbers look normal”. Optimal health ≠ Western medicine interpretation. This is the exact test that I like to recommend for my clients as it is comprehensive and together we understand exactly what is happening in your body and what it means for you!

🥑 I went from eating 1200 calories and skipping meals to rebuilding metabolic functions with a Cycle-Synced Reverse Diet. I focused on nutrient-dense and flexibility of fun foods for sustainability. It was eating more food that allowed my body to feel safe enough to switch from a fat-conservation state to a fat-burn state.

🏋️‍♀️ I ditched HIIT and cardio all the time and swapped to Heavy Cyclical Strength Training that aligned with my hormones. I only lift 2-3x a week + walking and I dropped 10% body fat. Plus my workouts no longer exhausted me and I had more free time.

☀️ I looked at my lifestyle and handled my stress addiction. Chronically elevated levels of cortisol can mean that you only get your happy hormone hit (dopamine and serotonin) from the sheer act of surviving stress. So it meant that I unintentionally was creating more stress and destruction in my life because my body was so stressed (meta right?!). I set healthy boundaries, limited blue light and social media, got more sunshine, and created a healthy work/life balance.

🧠 I worked on regulating my nervous system with mindset coaching, addressing self-limiting beliefs, and cold therapy in the morning. When you are stressed this activates your sympathetic nervous system (aka your fight or flight response). When this occurs, it can be hard to calm down, down-regulate cortisol production, and ease anxiety. Learning to strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system allows your body to create balance.

🩷 I created a BALANCED lifestyle by breaking up with diet culture and unrealistic expectations. I enjoyed fun foods more, spent time with friends without guilt, and rested more. Which increased overall life satisfaction and satisfaction in the process so I stayed with it.

Now I’d love to support you!

There are so many amazing ways to start your hormone balance journey so you can lose weight effortlessly, have the energy to thrive through each day, and finally feel comfortable in your body.

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Tasha is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, B.S., CPT, Pilates Instructor, and Founder of Happy Hormone Health. She has coached 2000 women in reclaiming their energy, living symptom-free and transforming their health through hormone balance nutrition. Start your hormone balance journey with customized hormone balance coaching. 

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