It's Not You - It's Your Hormones!

Your symptoms are not normal, they are a sign of hormone disruption. H3 Society is an exclusive community to kickstart your weight-loss and healing journey with our proven cycle-synced nutrition and strength system!

This Program Is PERFECT For You If...

You Experience Paralyzing Symptoms

You are struggling with symptoms like - weight gain, PMS, menopause, anxiety, exhaustion, bloating, and stomach discomfort - and want to start feeling better! Even worse, your doctor just keeps telling you that your symptoms are "normal" or "just a part of aging" and doesn't believe you when you say something is off.

You're Desperate For Results

You have tried countless diets and restricted your favorite foods only to gain more weight, feel even worse, and are confused about what to eat to get results. You are overwhelmed by all the information out there and where to even begin. You want this time to be different - you want to try something that works for you, is attainable, and GETS RESULTS.

You're Feeling "Broken"

Your body and how you feel do not match the time and effort you're putting in trying to nourish it. You feel like your body is "broken". You dream of feeling amazing and getting back to the version of you that is energized, confident, and comfortable in your own body.


Just Imagine...

You have the energy to make it through the day and had a day where symptoms did not control your life.

You knew exactly what to eat and how to workout to finally lose weight and feel confident in your body.

Your workout actually resulted in aesthetic change and gave you more energy afterward.

You never had to restrict your favorite foods, calorie count, or diet ever again.

You understood exactly what your symptoms were telling you and knew the exact strategies you needed to support them.

How I Lost 30lbs and Started Living Symptom-Free

Hi, I’m Tasha. After almost a decade of living with unbearable symptoms with zero support from my physicians, I utilized my expertise and experience to develop my own cycle-synced nutrition & strength program that has created life-changing results for me and my clients. In one year I lost 30lbs, all of my autoimmune disorders went into remission without the need of medication, and I created an evidence-based nutrition and fitness program that supports hormones and optimized their power to heal inside and out. Since then, I’ve supported hundreds of women in becoming experts at understanding their own hormone cycles and how to fuel, nourish, and move their bodies so they can regain control of their health, live symptom-free, and see life-changing results without dieting, over-training, or restricting foods.

Introducing : H3 Society

Our exclusive community designed for busy women who want to get to the root cause of their symptoms to lose weight, feel energized, and ditch symptoms once and for all.


The H3 Society

Hormone Balance Coaching Vault ($1,217 Value)

Gain access to the core strategies to kick-start your hormone balance journey. Each coaching vault includes lessons, handouts, and support on how to implement proven systems to balance hormones and ensure your success.

Cycle-Synced Framework: Learn the exact strategies you need to address hormone imbalance and ditch annoying symptoms.

System Revival: Symptoms arise because systems are disrupted. Learn exactly how to interpret your symptoms and get strategic with supporting your system to maximize results.

Nutrition Foundation: No more confusion on what to eat (or not eat) to get results. In this module we go over the foundational principles to kick-start your metabolism.

Fitness for Hormones: Learn how to optimize your workout so you feel energized and get results without spending countless hours in the gym.

Live Monthly Coaching Calls ($1,597 Value)

Get access to exclusive live coaching calls with me! We will dive in-depth into a new topic each month. You will also have the ability to ask me questions and get support in real-time. And don't worry, all coaching calls will be recorded and shared in case you miss it!

New Recipe Inspiration ($997 Value)

Each month we will dive deeper into education on specific phase foods and give you access to two (2) new recipes each month to keep you inspired and fulfilled in the kitchen.

Exclusive Community Group ($1,597 Value)

The number one reason habit change does not stick is because of a lack of individuality. So in the H3 Society, we have created an exclusive community questions page where you can ask for support or additional guidance and I will be chiming in with education and support! We will also provide monthly coaching prompts to help guide your efforts. This type of 1:1 connection is key to your success.



$144.00 / year

20% annual discount