If you are looking to lose weight and balance hormones, it’s common to wonder exactly which foods you should eat and which to avoid to get outstanding results.

❓ Are you eating too many carbs and they are leading to insane weight gain and blood sugar imbalances?

❓ Will eating too much fat lead to more fat in the body?

❓ Processed foods are terrible for hormones and will eating them lead to a complete halt in your results?

Well lucky for you, I am going to share the answer to exactly which foods you should avoid if you want to lose weight and feel your best.

So drum roll 🥁, the foods you NEED to avoid in order to lose weight, balance hormones, and get results…

…are only foods that are inflammatory for you (IFY) foods.

Despite what is out there, you do not need to restrict fats, sugars, or your favorite foods to lose weight.

Randomly eliminating foods because you read they are inflammatory is a recipe for disaster, hormone disruption, and metabolic down-regulation.

And you do not need to cut out processed foods, alcohol, or any of your favorite foods forever.

When it comes to balancing hormones and losing weight, you want to focus on reducing inflammation and stress in the system.

All foods (both “healthy” and “unhealthy”) have inflammatory properties.

In moderation, inflammation is a GOOD thing. In fact, you need small doses of inflammation to sustain your immune function and response.

It is when we have high inflammation and stress in the body that leads to hormonal and metabolic destruction.

But the secret is that certain foods can trigger inflammation and stress in the body which leads to hormonal and metabolic destruction.

These foods can be foods that are trademark bad (like gluten 🌾, sugar 🍭, dairy 🥛) or they can even be foods that are promoted as healthy or nutrient-dense (like chicken 🍗, nuts and seeds 🥜, or fruit 🍎).

So this is exactly why you might have eliminated gluten and dairy without any change in your results.

Yet your friend Becky eliminated them and dropped 30 lbs.

The reason this happens is due to bio-individuality. Nutrition is the only science where something can be 100% right for someone and entirely not helpful for someone else. This is a result of your genetic code, your lifestyle, your environment, hormonal disruption, medical history, and preferences.

So when you blindly eliminate foods, you are not getting to the root of that inflammation and potentially suscepting yourself to unnecessary nutrient deficiencies and gaps – which leads to even more system and metabolic disruption.

This is why you want to focus on identifying the foods that cause the most inflammation in your body and create a structured plan to temporarily eliminate them to allow space for your body to heal.

And the good news is when this is done right, you can often reintroduce and eat again with no issue. Win-win.

So how do you do this?

STEP 1: The fastest way is through a food sensitivity test.

This is going to test your IgG markers compared to a number of different food types and see your body’s reactivity to them. From there, you can see the foods that you have the highest reactivity to and then temporarily eliminate.

My favorite test for this is the EverlyWell (use code: TASHASTEVENS25 to save 25%). Do note, that this test will not catch autoimmune reactivity, food allergies, or intolerances.

When we have these results, we can identify your highest culprits of inflammation and make a game plan to seamlessly remove them to allow space for healing.

I am also in the business of focusing on what we can ADD to your diet, not eliminate. So to expedite results, we strategically add in cycle-synced anti-inflammatory protocol to make sure your body has the exact nutrients that it needs to heal the intestinal lining and speed up your recovery.

When we come at it from this approach, you do not feel deprived because you are missing your favorite foods for a month.

Rather you are excited about all the new variety you can easily add to your diet and even more excited about how quickly you see your body healing.

With this approach, my clients see a full 180 in their bloating, headaches, and energy within just 2 weeks.

That is the power of focusing on your bio-individuality.

STEP 2: The missing component that no one talks about in this process is reintroduction.

You NEED to reintroduce those foods otherwise you will constantly be restricting yourself.

Which, as I mentioned earlier, is not only suscepting yourself to unnecessary nutrient deficiencies but also emotionally and mentally taxing.

Which is not what we are about when it comes to living a balanced and realistic life.

When you strategically reintroduce these foods you can assess how your body responds and determine if you need more time or at what amount you can handle it to keep you on your path to success.

This again is a full 180 from diet culture. Because rather than just continually removing food and making the list you can choose from smaller…

…you get SUPER in touch with your body’s reactions and know exactly how you can enjoy without derailing your symptoms!

Talk about freedom and food empowerment!

The FASTEST approach to this process is through a customized-for-you program. Because we get answers but we take the guesswork out of it for you.

❌ You don’t have to wonder if you are doing it right.

❌ You don’t have to worry about trying to interpret and categorize your symptoms.

❌ You don’t have to stress over trying to find replacements in nutrients for what you are removing.

We map out everything in detail for you. Plus we give you expert feedback and coaching every step of the way so it fits seamlessly into your life but delivers FAST results.

Book a FREE discovery call 📞 to kickstart your journey.

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Tasha is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, B.S., CPT, Pilates Instructor, and Founder of Happy Hormone Health. She has coached 2000 women in reclaiming their energy, living symptom-free and transforming their health through hormone balance nutrition. Start your hormone balance journey with customized hormone balance coaching. 

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