From Bloating & Food Fear To Down 5 Inches In 1 Month Without Dieting

Crystal's Story

Crystal was a busy full-time mom of three and super active in her community. Yet, she was struggling with period pain, bloating, gastric distress, skin rashes, and frustration. She felt she was having reactivity to nearly all types of food and no matter what she ate or did she would bloat. She struggled to see any weight loss and felt anxiety about what to eat since everything made her sick.

Before We Started Working Together, Crystal...

Struggled with extremely heavy and painful periods. She would become easily irritated around her periods.

Was bloated no matter what she ate, the time of day, or how healthy it was. Since everything made her sick, she was afraid of what to eat.

Was gaining weight rapidly. She often felt bloated, "puffy" and felt like her skin was not as bright.

Struggled to keep her energy consistent throughout the day. Her low energy made it hard to keep up with her kids.

She Needed answers

She Was Tired Of Restriction.

In a desperate effort to "heal her gut" she tried all the diet advice and tips out there. She had eliminated nearly every type of food that was labeled "bad" or "inflammatory".

Since she had eliminated so much with little success, she felt a lot of anxiety and confusion around food.

She had no idea what to eat, what would give her gastric distress, and felt extremely limited in her food options. At one point, she was making different meals for herself and her family (which was even more exhausting).

How we helped

We Needed a Strategy

Blind elimination does more trouble than good. We reviewed her symptoms, symptom patterns, the timing, along with her medical history, lifestyle and preferences to fully understand how and why her body was responding. From there, we developed a strategic elimination and nutrient reintroduction. This focused on only temporarily removing her IFY foods to allow space for her gut and hormones to heal.

Our Results Driven Strategies

Crystal Dropped 2 Dress Sizes In 2 Months!

In only 2 months of working together Crystal lost 5 lbs, dropped a 2 dress sizes, and found her food freedom! She was no longer afraid of what to eat or felt she needed to restrict her favorite foods. She also included her family in her journey and now her whole family (including her
husband!) cooks with her and enjoys learning about nutrition and fitness.

AMAAAAAAZZZZEEEEEEBALLLLLLSSSSS!!!!!! I have definitely seen such a huge difference in my energy, period, and body this month. I am so thankful for this program, the meal plans are easy to follow and my whole family LOVES them. I even have gotten my kids and husband to start cooking with me. 

I also feel like myself again. I am no longer bloated, my clothing is fitting differently, and I feel more confident. This has changed who I approach health, how my family approaches health, and I am excited to teach my daughter these principles!

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