If you are looking to add workouts to your regimen to lose weight, it can be confusing!

🏃‍♀️ You hear that you need more cardio to burn fat.

🔥 You hear that you need to burn more calories than you consume, which means burning a TON of calories in a workout is key.

🏋️‍♀️ But you also hear you need to lift weights. But lifting 15 reps will make you “lean and toned” and lifting 8 reps will make you “strong and big”.

Even worse, then you get in there and do all of these workouts, totally exhaust yourself, and nothing changes.

Like I said, it is confusing and overwhelming.

I have good news, it does not need to be hard. In fact, it’s quite simple and extremely impactful when you understand this one simple concept.

And mastering this format has not only helped me lose 50 lbs. and drop to 16% body fat, but I have also coached 1000s of other women in getting the same outstanding results.

The even better news is that you do not need to workout every day, you do not need to spend hours doing boring cardio.

Your Hormones Influence Your Workouts

Hormones control every single aspect of your metabolic health. From how your body utilizes different energy sources, to how your body burns fat, the stress levels it can handle, its recovery time, and the intensity at which it can push.

So you need to be working with them – not against them.

When you focus on matching your workout intensity, workout type, and rep ranges, to match your hormones you can optimize their power so that you get OUTSTANDING results without exhausting or over-stressing your body.

And YES – this is exactly why some days you are beyond exhausted and why a workout that you did just a few days ago feels completely impossible now.

Why Your Workouts Haven’t Been Delivering Results

Traditional workout programs incorporate progressive overloads to optimize results, but often they are based on random periodization and weeks.

The problem is that if you are doing the wrong intensity at the wrong times, your body quickly rejects it. This is because while exercise is a positive stressor, it is still a stressor nonetheless.

So if you workout against what your body can handle, the increased stress in your system creates a biological halt and it is a no-go.

The result is you become tired, your body is more prone to breaking down muscle (and not rebuilding it) and then the increased cortisol increases your risk of gaining weight.

All resulting in you still busting your hump at the gym but getting nowhere.

How to Cycle-Sync Your Workout for Insane Results

When we align your workouts and progressive overloads with your hormone phases, then we can ensure we get the most out of your workouts, we have enough challenge and variety for physiological adaptation, without compromising your stress and results.

Drop Inches & Transform Your Health!

When mapping out your workouts, if you want the most results in the fastest time (who doesn’t) prioritize your cycle-synced STRENGTH workouts.

This is the only form of exercise where you both burn fat and balance hormones.

Use cardio as an additive to help support energy utilization and heart health.

The truth is you really only need 2-3 workouts a week when you have a structured cycle-synced program designed exactly for your goals and needs!

And the results speak for themselves:

🌟 Ginny lost 11 lbs. in a single month!

🌟 Kim has lost over 8 inches and 10 lbs.!

🌟 Tiffany dropped inches in a single month!

My 1:1 hormone balance nutrition and strength coaching program gives you ✨ 100% tailored-for-you ✨ meal plan and workout program designed to transform your hormones and deliver results.

Want to jump on a free discovery call 📞 to see which program is right for you? Let’s do it! Book a call here.

Tasha is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, B.S. and Founder of Happy Hormone Health. She has coached 2000 women in reclaiming their energy, living symptom-free and transforming their health through hormone balance nutrition. Start your hormone balance journey with her free masterclass.

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