From Exhausted To Energized And Down 7lbs In 1 Month Without Dieting

Alecia's Story

Alecia signed up for coaching when she hit a wall! She had always been a runner, was active, was conscious, and felt like her diet was “healthy” but was stuck. Her energy was nonexistent, she was
gaining weight no matter what she tried, and she wanted to feel her best as she and her husband wanted to grow their family.

Before We Started Working Together, Alecia...

Was exhausted all the time and felt that no matter how much she slept or drank coffee her energy remained low.

Struggled with cravings for sweets, especially in the afternoons. She often "lost control" and snacked on anything she could find.

She could not get any aesthetic results no matter how much she worked out. She did cardio 5-7x a week.

She felt she was eating "healthy" but she was constantly bloated. She kept restricting calories to try to get any results.

She Needed answers

Her Results Were Stalled

After years of dieting, working out, and trying different supplements she felt she had hit a wall.

She felt she was doing all the "right things", but nothing was working and in fact her symptoms were getting worse.

She was worried about how low her energy was and what would happen if it only got worse, especially since they wanted to expand their family.

She knew it wasn't normal to be this tired, but didn't know what else to do or try.

How we helped

We Needed a Strategy

To get Alecia results, we had to flip the narrative when it came to health. Our priority was to reduce chronic stress in the system by changing how we viewed and approached health. We focused on
breaking away from diets, restrictions, and cardio and instead prioritized adding nutrients back into her diet, moving through metabolic rehab, and shifting her focus in the gym to cycle-synced strength training. With this, she was able to eat more, workout less, and get outstanding results!

Our Results Driven Strategies

Alecia Dropped 7lbs In Just 1 Month!

In just one month of working together, Alecia lost 7lbs, her energy sky-rocketed, and she felt the best she had in years. She was amazed at how quickly her body healed when she focused on nourishing it and being mindful of movement.

This program has changed how I view my health! Besides aesthetics, after eating whole food meals for the past month I have less sugar cravings and real foods are tasting better than a lot of restaurants and packaged goodies. I’m having fun finding new ways to spend time with family and friends. We went hiking for one of my bestie’s birthdays, we took the kid’s roller skating and did an escape room over the holiday break, and I’ve been going on walks with my husband instead of our usual morning coffee dates to get a little just us time. I’m also noticing more energy to do chores around the house, but still have an afternoon slump (probably the coffee). AND I feel so strong and confident at the gym with the weights. It’s not scary/intimidating like it used to be, and I’ve increased how heavy I’m lifting from 12s/15s to 15s, 17s, and even 20s 💪🏼on a couple of moves. Thanks for much for going on this journey with me!

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