You might be embarking on your weight loss efforts and are ready to transform your life in 2024 – but are these 5 stupid habits killing your efforts?

But let’s have a real talk – you cannot go into it doing the same habits that broke your body and hormones in the first place.

And this my friend, might be the toughest pill to swallow. Because first off, which habits are they? I mean, most of what you are doing has been recommended by some influencer or fitness blog at some point in time, right?

Second, didn’t it work once? Why isn’t it working now? You might be worried that if you do something polar opposite of this habit you might go even more sideways as a byproduct.

I get it. It’s the little habits that have a big impact on your hormone health. Hormones control every single aspect of your metabolic health.

So when it comes to weight, if your hormones are out of balance, losing weight will be a struggle even with traditional diet plans and exercise. Until you balance your hormones and manage your stress, you will have problems with stubborn weight, mood, sleep, energy, and a host of other frustrating symptoms.

These are 5 deadly habits that kill your hormone health and metabolism. ⬇️

Cutting Calories to Burn More

You’ve heard it a thousand times, when you eat less your body will burn more fat. This is a gross oversimplification of a very advanced process.

Sure – in a very temporary state and when hormones are balanced, this works. But only for a small amount of time.

Most people do not do it this way! Because when it worked the first time, you got super excited about the potential. Then when it inevitably stops, you cut out more calories to keep the process going.

When you chronically under-eat, your body sees this as famine. It increases stress response and cortisol production. Cortisol is a fat-storage hormone.

As a result, cortisol makes belly fat as a protective organ, it adds more fat to the system as you continue to eat less. And there is a whole other host of hormone disruption including leptin resistance, insulin dysfunction, and low testosterone, just to name a few.

You need to be eating enough at baseline for optimal health. Then from there, you can manipulate energy distribution in a very controlled and temporary setting for expedited fat loss.

But without the base – you are only doing harm to the end goal.

Skimping on Protein

Protein is critical for lean mass development, it is the building block for hormones, it regulates blood sugar and insulin function, and you need it for literal survival – yet for some reason, most women believe that eating too much leads to making them “bulky”.

Quite the contrary there.

Protein helps to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce cortisol signaling. As a result, you reduce the stress response and improve the reactivity of your hormones, ghrelin, and leptin.

This is important because when you have enough protein, it can help ensure that you do not end up in the pantry at 10 PM binging on endless snacks due to poor signaling.

Also, protein’s chemical structure is vastly different from fat. It has a Nitrogen back compared to carbon. So when it comes to increasing total energy intake to improve metabolic function, it is very unlikely that your body will convert protein to fat – it’s just too expensive and hard.

Rather, protein will be used as fuel and used to rebuild muscle mass and build lean mass. Which means that you build more lean mass, you have less fat, and you burn more at a resting state.

Recommended protein intake is 1 gram per 1 pound of ideal body weight. The critical factor here – it needs to be COMPLETE protein (aka properly paired) and readily bioavailable for absorption.

Nutrient-Less vs. Nutrient Dense

This one is a hard concept for most people to follow. Because even IF you are eating enough (most likely you are not) you still could not be getting what you need.

Because beyond total energy requirements, there are micronutrient requirements.

These are small, almost hidden, components of nutrition. These are your vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and polyphenols found in food that fuel biochemical and enzymatic reactions.

If you are missing these – your system function comes to a screeching halt.

It is exactly why you can eat carbs but still have cravings. Because your body is missing a key component.

It is why you are eating “healthy” but your skin is dry, your hair is falling out, and you feel gassed. Because you have nutrient deficiencies.

You not only need these nutrients for base levels, but you need them at specific times to help optimize hormone production processes. And you need diverse nutrient profiles to ensure that all of this is readily available for bio-absorption.

So eating the same foods every day or following a generic meal plan will not meet these needs.

Overtraining Low Intensity

It is everywhere that you need to avoid doing too much high-intensity exercise to avoid overtraining – and yeah this is true (to an extent).

But guess what that has created – a ton of confusion around what overtraining actually is.

Overtraining is MORE than just doing too much high-intensity training., In fact, only a very small percentage of the population truly overtrains based on this definition.

I can almost guarantee that even if you are not doing high-intensity, you are still overtraining.

Because overtraining is more commonly going in and doing the SAME type of workout and SAME type of intensity over and over again.

This means that if you are trying to “lean and tone” your body you go in and strength train at 12-15 reps at the same workout split from your generic app over and over again you are overtraining.

If you go and do the Stairmaster at level 5 for 30 minutes every day for cardio without any proper intensity or interval variation this is overtraining.

You need progressive overloads to force physiological adaptation. You need different splits, varying intensities, and to utilize your hormone profile to get a positive stress response from your workouts.

And sorry, you will not get this from an app, Peloton workouts, or any other cookie-cutter program because they are generic.

Otherwise, your cortisol is just spiking, your muscles are breaking down, and you are left burnt out in the process. And you are likely gaining weight and inflammation from this so your results are reversed. Cue more frustration.

Customized to your hormone and fitness level progressive overloads through cycle-synced strength training are the only way to get this.

“Healthy” vs. Optimal Health

Today’s definition of healthy is not actually that. It is some very manipulated version of nutrition forced to get you to think that you constantly need the next trick or hack to get the level of success you desire.

That one thing will finally make the magic puzzle click. It won’t.

Because it is not one hack, one new adrenal cocktail, or a supplement that makes or breaks your health.

It is compounding lifestyle choices and habits across time. It is how you react in your life situations and how you choose to nourish your body in stress that matters most.

So you can continue to chase health trends seeking out some magic ticket to success.

Or you can choose to invest in a lifestyle. This process is harder, it will take longer, but it will 100% of the time lead to not only more results but lasting results.

Remember – you cannot get different results with the same habits that broke your body in the first place.

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